What happens at your examination or check-up?

ExaminationWhen you see us for the first time we will want to take the time to find out how you feel about your teeth and the improvements you would like to see. Your consultation will include a discussion of your past dental and medical history as well as a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth.
Your dentist may discuss with you:

  • Current problems with your mouth and teeth
  • Your general health and any medication you may be taking
  • Your diet especially if you have a problem with dental decay
  • Your tooth brushing and oral hygiene at home
  • Smoking and drinking habits (both can affect your oral health)

Your dentist will:

  • Check your teeth and existing fillings or restorations
  • Check the jaw joints
  • Check the occlusion (bite)
  • Check for any signs of infection in the mouth
  • Check the health of your gums for signs of disease
  • Check the health of your mouth for other conditions such as ulcers etc.
  • Carry out any necessary special tests such as x-rays

In simple cases we can agree a treatment plan and quotation at your first visit. In the more involved cases we may need study models of your teeth and a second visit to discuss the options with you.