A sealant is a plastic material which is used to coat the chewing surfaces of healthy back teeth.
This seals the teeth and helps to prevent caries (decay).
Although regular brushing and good oral hygiene will help to maintain healthy teeth, unfortunately, sugars and acids attack teeth constantly throughout the day.
Sealants form a barrier to prevent these substances from being in direct contact with the surface of the tooth.

What will my dentist do?

This procedure begins with a thorough cleaning of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth which are then completely dried.
An acid solution is applied to enable the sealant to bond to the tooth.
Once applied the sealant sets hard on the tooth. A special light is used to assist this process.

fissure sealant

The benefits of sealants

Sealants help to protect healthy teeth.
It provides added security for children who often forget to brush back teeth or those who are unable to reach these teeth.