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Tooth Whitening for only £210*


Teeth may naturally be a yellowish or greyish colour and may darken as we get older. In addition teeth may stain from food and drink stains such as red wine, coffee or cigarettes.

How does tooth whitening work?

Firstly we will take impressions of your mouth and make a small plastic mouth guard which fits over your teeth. This is specially made in a laboratory to fit your mouth perfectly.

We will then fit the tray and give you some special whitening gel. We will also take recordings of the shade of your teeth so that we can monitor the changes.Tooth Whitening Trays

We will then show you how to apply the gel to your teeth using the tray. The tray is very small and light and is usually worn every night.

You will usually see a difference after two to four weeks wear.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Studies have been carried out to show that tooth whitening by this method is very safe. The most common side effect is a temporary sensitivity of the teeth. If this happens we recommend that whitening is carried out every other night instead of every night.

Tooth Whitening

How successful is tooth whitening and how long does it last?

Studies have shown that tooth whitening is 97% successful. After 3 years the whitening effect is unchanged in 74% of patients. However it is very simple to carry out further bleaching if necessary.

*until 31st Jan 2016

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